The complete bean-to-Bar chocolate line from Nemisto is unique. The special cocoa beans with exceptional taste. Different crushers and winnowers for making cocoa nibs. Different sizes of melangeurs & conches for grinding , conching the cocoa nibs into tasty chocolate. With our equipment and excelent cocoa beans you can make your own chocolate.

Nemisto is an international trade company. That view focuses on small-scale production lines of 3 kg per batch. Up to a chocolate production of 400 kg per day. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that the machines comply with local legislation and safety requirements. The buyer must at all times make a risk assessment on the machines with appropriate safety measures. So that under no circumstances accidents can happen and that the environment cannot be damaged.

The machines are built at the customer’s request. Machines cannot be returned. Under no circumstances can money be claimed back. Spare parts are sent on request of the customer at the customer’s expense.


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